Paintable Sealant PU4

Adhesion performance scale: highest=10, lowest=0
Wood  10      Paintability   Yes
Metal  10      Flexibility       9
Masonry  10      Durability       9
Glass/ Tiles  10      Tack-Free   2 hrs
Vinyl Siding    7      Paint-Over   2 hrs
Drywall / Plaster  10      Full-Cure   48 hrs
Plastic: PVC / ABS / Polycarbonate    7      Cleaning   Solvent
  Packing   299 ml / cartidge
  Box   –
  Carton size   –



  • PU4 Paintable Sealant PU4   Size: 1.32 MB     [download]


PU4 is the best paintable sealant available today. Sealant that bond on most surfaces with Industry Bonding Strength. PU4 uses extreme silicone technology to combine the lifetime performance of PU4 with the paintability of an acrylic caulk.


– Fast paint-over time

– Indoor / ourdoor use

– All-weather application

– Will not shrink or crack

– Watertight


Suitable to use for:

General sealing, Roof leaking, Automotive parts, Building joints, Water tanks, Flooring joints, Gutter, Air-condition ducting, Sanitary, Marine boats and etc..


Suitable to bond:

Metal, Aluminium, Galvanized metal, Ceramic, Wood, Concrete, Polystyrene, Glass, Granite, Terracotta tiles, Vinyl tiles and etc..


Can be use on:

Doors, Windows, Drywall, Siding & trim, Molding, Baseboards, Painted surfaces.


Good adhesion on:

Glass, Tile, Wood, Metal, Drywall, Plaster, Plastic, Mansory / Brick / Concrete.


Instruction for use:

1. Remove dirt, grease, moiture, and old chalk.

2. Mask both side of joint.

3. Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Pierce seal. Load sealant cartridge into caulking gun. Place nozzle into joint and
    apply sealant into gap. Apply above 40°F (5°C).
4. Smooth or “tool” bead if needed. Remove masking tape immediately. Replace cap.
5. Wipe hands and tools thoroughly before washing. Store unused sealant in dry are at less than 80°F (27°C).


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