Magic Glue : Shoe Repair Glue



Fixing a broken shoe has been so easy with Magic Glue!


Have you been paying the cobbler more than what the shoes is worth? Magic Glue (a shoe repair glue) will be your solutions to that.


Our Magic Glue (shoe repair glue) is specially formulated for repairing shoes, leather and PVC goods that gives excellent water resistant, heat resistant and good bonding strength. The glue also dries with transperant film, which is perfect for gluing white shoes.


No more messy works! It comes with a brush for easy application.


– Dries transparent

– Non-yellowing *Best for white shoes/heels

– Water resistant

– High adhesion performance

– Super Industrial strength


For repairing of:

Shoes, Leather goods, Upholstery, Art & craft, and etc..


Suitable to bond:

Fabric, PVC, Leather, PET, PU leather..


Direction of use:

1. Clean the surface thoroughly.

2. Apply MAGIC GLUE on both surfaces.

3. Let it dries and press them together.

4. Use paper clips or jigs for positioning.

* Optimum strength can be achieved after 72 hours.

Note: Do not use Super Glue (Super Bonding Glue) / yellow contact adhesive glue, as it only give temperary holding.


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