Handicraft Glue

  Packing   500 gm / bottles
  Carton   40 bottles
  Carton size   420 x 338 x 280(mm)


Handicraft Glue is specially made for hobby lover and especially design to be used for handicraft with children.


– Safe & Non-toxic

– Fast Drying

– Transperant

– Stainless

– Flexible dry film


Best to use for:

• Handicraft making frames and cards

• Repairing wallpaper

• Hobby and clay works


Suitable to bond:

Paper, Board, Wood, Fabric, Vinyl, Cards, Painted surface, Plastic, Paper Mâché and etc..


Direction of use:

1. Clean the surface before application. Make sure it is free from dust and grease.

2. Apply glue with brush.

3. Tools can be clean with water.

4. Wipe off access glue with damp water.


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