Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Adhesive plays an important role in the interior construction of a car. Our product provides high performance assembly solutions, which offers significant benefits in terms of improved strength, ductility, substrate choice, and design freedom together with aesthetic appeal. Key requirement of the adhesive solutions in addressing the high quality standard included the ability to withstand the extremes degree of temperature and humidity levels as those vehicles are selling around the world to very differing climates. Our Automotive Adhesive is suitable for instrument panels and door trims by vacuum forming process which able to withstand -40°c to 120°c. Also, our water-based adhesives are being used to produce very cost effective headlines. As a specialist supplier and development partner to the automotive industry, Bonding Technology Resources provides customized solutions and support for its customers in the optimization of the production process to achieve cost and quality.

Product Compliances

  • Mitsubishi Standard ESX 60210 (heat cycle)
  • Mitsubishi Standard ESX 83215 (heat aging)
  • Daihatsu Motor Corp Standard DTSK 5618G (Class1)

Application Technology

  • Air Filter
  • Blow Molding Part (P.P. / P.P.) Door Trim
  • Floor-mats
  • Head-liner
  • Instrument Panel
  • Primer
  • Sound & Heat Insulation
  • Structural Bonding