White Glue

  Packing   150 ml / bottle
  Box   12 bottles
  Carton   6 boxes
  Carton size   457 x 346 x 172(mm)


Glue for Art & Craft lover!

A water based glue for craft works, hobbist, projects, schools and offices. Specially design to bond most surfaces.


– Non-toxic

– Non flammable

– Dries clear

– Strong adhesion


Suitable to bond:

Paper, Cardboard, Concrete, Wood, Fabric, Vinyl, EVA, Poly-foam and etc..


Direction of use:

1. Clean the surface thoroughly.

2. Apply glue directly from the bottle or with brush.

3. Let it dry.

4. Wipe off access glue with damp cloth before it dries.


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