Cockroach Trap


Non-toxic, Pesticide Free, Easy to use and dispose Cockroach Trap
No matter how we clean our surrounding such as kitchen, cars, or house, there will always have the unwanted ‘guests’ intruded into our life. With this cockroach trap, you can easily attract and sticks them securely in the trap and dispose off once it catches them without dirty your hand.
Instruction for use:
1. Can be used as single trap or tear at the perforation to make (two) 2 traps.
2. Remove protective paper from glue.
3. Assemble trap(s) and place it in concealed location near suspected cockroaches habitats (such as kitchen, rooms, under car seats).
4. Can be mounted vertically on the wall by using double-sided tape at the bottom.
Each piece of this trap can be divided into 2 traps.


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