Agri NR4 – Farm Conditioner

  Packing 500gm, 1.5kg (bottle), or 8 kg jars


Agri NR 4 is a natural product to repel insect, neutralize soil’s pH, and increase yields.

Agri NR 4 is a water-based agricultural conditioner developed in collaboration with Swiss technology. It is aim to conditions all farms and plantations.
NR 4 will assist in maintaining the soil at an appropriate pH, thus creating a healthy farming environment and healthy  plants.
Healthy plants will have good resistance to plant diseases. Which will reduce the use of insecticide and promoting non-toxic farming.

Key benefits:

It contains adhesive which is not easy to wash away
Non-toxic, can spray on plants and soil
Contain nutrient and repellents
Increase yields


Direction of use:

Stir before use.
Check soil’s pH using soil pH meter before apply NR 4.
Pre dilution of NR 4 with water at the concentration of 1% – 5% is needed.
Spray diluted NR 4 solutions on plant and soil.
Repeat spraying diluted NR 4 as needed.

Dilution guide:

This is a concentrated products thus dilution is needed.
Add 1 – 5 kg of NR 4 to 100kg water ( based on individual requirement )


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