Agri NR3 – Farm Shampoo

  Packing 300gm, 1 kg (bottle), or 5 kg jars


Agri NR 3 is containing of natural odor such as garlic and pepper to repel insects.


Agri NR 3 is a water-based agriculture adhesives with foaming effects.
NR 3 will produce smells that repels most of the common pests and insects, at the same time contains minor nutrients that can nourish the plants or vegetation.
It is recommended to use in all commercial estates, plantation and domestic farms.


Key benefits:

Minimizes wash away
Good bonding onto waxy leaves
Repel insects
Contains nutrients for plants


Direction of use:

Stir the diluted solutions before use.
This product can be apply by most of the types of spray equipment, be it pressurize or manual sprayer.
Compatibility with other agriculture products should be checked on small scale mixing prior to full scale spraying.
Enhance nutrients absorption by spraying from below of the leaf.
Spray may be re-applied whenever necessary.

Dilution guide:

This is a concentrated products thus dilution is needed.
Add 0.1% – 5% of NR 3 with water ( based on individual requirement )


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