Agri Bubble Gum

  Packing 350gm, 1kg (bottle), or 5 kg jars


Agri Bubble Gum is a binder or carrier for herbicide and insecticide.


Agri Bubble Gum is a water-based agricultural adhesive to be mixed with herbicide or insecticide in the plantation.
It is also served as carrier for herbicide, insecticides or liquid fertilizers.
The foamy effect will help to create much better coverage in spray system thus saving time, energy, and labor.



Key benefits:

Minimizes wash away
Good bonding onto waxy leaves
Non-sticky when dry

Direction of use:

Shake the container before use.
This products is suitable to apply by most of the types of spray equipment be it pressurize or manual sprayes.
Compatibility with other agriculture products should be checked on small scale mixing prior to full scale basis.
Spray may be re-applied when necessary.


Dilution guide:

This is a concentrated products thus dilution is needed.
Add 1% – 5% of Agri Bubble Gum with herbicide solutions ( based on individual requirement )


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