Newsletter November 2016

Urban Agriculture will be the trend for our Future Home Living style

United Nations predicts in a study that by 2050, the world’s population is approaching to 10 billion people, 75% of them will be living in the cities. 1,2

The massive additional of populations to our planet could cause a wide range of problems including air pollution, loss of habitats to grow more food, and even overcrowding situation. 

Aside from that, goods price are significantly higher as compared to the past and home farming with easy plantation will definitely could assist household in saving in some point and at the same time can show to the younger generation of how is a simple vegetable is being plant instead of always getting it from the local market.

Home farming is one of the ways in turning our urban centers into a self-sustaining entities. We will definely face bugs problem when we doing plantation or even problem to maintain our plant healthiness no matter where we are planting; here, we have a better solution for you which will assist you in handling these problems. 


Let's meet our Star Products of the month

Agri NR 3 Farm Shampoo is a water-based agriculture adhesives with foaming effects. 

It is considered as non-toxic, semi-organic farming with our products used with your farming. Agri NR 3 will produce smells (garlic and chili) that repels most of the common pests and insects, at the same time contains minor nutrients that nourish the plants or vegetation. 

Farmer may say they can make the mixture by their own, but it is different from our product, as we have adhesive in it as a binder to assist the product in holding on better which will enhance the effectiveness of the products.

It is recommended to use in all commercial estates, plantation and domestic farms. Know more..

Agri NR 4 Farm Conditioner is a water-based agricultural conditioner developed in collaboration with Swiss technology. It is aim to conditions all farms and plantations.

It is considered as non-toxic, semi-organic farming with our products used with your farming. Especially with this product, it will assist farmer in maintaining the soil in a healtheir pH (at pH 6.5 – 7, neutral – best range for most crops 3) thus have a better plantation.

It is a key to a well planning on nutrient management program. A soil with healtheir pH will perform better by having maximum absorption of nutrients in another way it is optimizing your cost.  

Healthy plants will have good resistance to plant diseases. Which will reduce the use of insecticide and promoting non-toxic farming.

Soils tend to acidify over time, especially when large applications of NH4+ based fertilizers were widely used in most of the plantation as well as acid rain. Therefore, our Agri NR 4 could assist in overcoming this situation. Know more..

Story behind Agri NR3 (Farm Shampoo) & Agri NR4 (Farm Conditioner)

People always ask us what is adhesive to do with agriculture products, but in reality YES it is also related to adhesive! 

With the combination of adhesive as a binder, the nutrients and effect of the products will not easily loss due to rain and watering.

Our R&D team used 4 years in doing research on the Agri NR3 & Agri NR4 with tremendous of trial and error; TODAY, we are proud to say we have developed the products for home farming, commercial estates, plantation, and domestic farm.

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